Eye Exams in Ottawa Detect Disease and Protect Your Eyes

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Our eyesight is our most valued sense. It opens up a world of wonder, exploration and beauty that for most people, would not be traded for anything else. Therefore, our eyesight needs to be treated with the utmost respect, which means taking very good care of our eyes while keeping them safe, and having an eye specialist or optometrist look at them every year or more frequently depending on age and other conditioning sight factors.
Protecting Your Eyes
Sunlight – The sun has harmful effects on our eyes. The UV rays contained in natural light sources can harm the eye by burning the retina, which may eventually result in total loss of sight. Sunglasses are designed to be both stylish and practical, protecting eyes from UV rays.
Dust and Wind – Dust and wind can combine to form several issues for your eyes. Wind alone can cause irritation, but when combined with dust it can cause permanent damage by drying out and scratching the eye. Closely fitted protective glasses or sunglasses should be worn in these instances.
Working Conditions – Wherever there is potential for flying objects, whether big or small, protection should be worn. This is especially important for work environments where accidental injury is much more likely to happen due to the constant hazardous surroundings. Lawn maintenance, airports, chemical plants, and machine shops are just some of the prime examples and places ideal for eye protection.
Sports – Recreational sports are also a common place for eye injury to occur. Most common in hockey, basketball, and squash, eye injuries can leave someone partially or fully blind. Protective glasses or visors are recommended in these cases.
Eye Exams
Eye exams are something not everyone takes seriously. Eye disease can happen without any cause or sign and symptom, but can be detected by a doctor with ease, which may prevent unnecessary damage or loss of sight.
Glaucoma – An eye disease that affects the optical nerve. It can permanently damage the affected eye(s) and lead to blindness if left untreated. It is understood that the main cause of this affliction is an increase in eye pressure, which has been coined ‘eye hypertension.'
Diabetic eye disease – Also known as ‘diabetic retinopathy' is a disease caused by the complications of someone with diabetes. It is an ocular manifestation of systematic disease that can effect up to eighty percent of patients who have lived with diabetes for more than ten years. It is said that with a proper monitoring system in place, or a higher occurrence of eye exams, up to ninety percent of these cases could be prevented. The simple fact is, the longer a person suffers from diabetes, the higher the chance of developing diabetic eye disease.
Eye exams can also contribute to the early detection of other underlying health issues such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes. But the main focus of an eye exam is correcting eye focus with prescription glasses or contact lenses.
Maintaining good eyesight adds to the quality of life for any individual. It can help young people learn and develop, and help the older generation with reading and enjoying everyday life. It is also essential for safety while driving or operating any piece of machinery.
Be sure to take extra care of your eyes, and have them checked at least once a year.